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We at Eazy Tech. L.L.C gypsum partition work in Dubai takes as a mission. There are so many types of gypsum boards and tiles. Normally 12-12.5 mm boards are used for wall partition, bulkheads and for designed for controlled sound Ceiling Panels/ Gypsum tiles.

Eazy Tech L.L.C is the best company for Gypsum Partition Work in Dubai.

Gypsum wall partition in Dubai

wall partition contractors in Dubai.

Eazy Tech best choice for wall partition contracting in Dubai

Best Gypsum partition in Dubai.

If you are thinking to make wall partition in your home or office, then you should always keep in mind using a good quality of professionals for these works.  The cost range for a Gypsum wall partition is in between AED 65/- to AED 190/- per square meter in Dubai for Gypsum Partition Work in Dubai.
Particularly the price range to be conditioned on the contractor, material and time taken for the job completion.

There are so many types of boards and supplementary parts available in the market. If you want to have a partition done on normal boards then it will accomplish you AED 140 per square meter. If it is a fire rated, then its cost will go above of AED 140 per square meter.

Although you are willing to install the fire rated then you must make sure that these trademarks are approved by Dubai Municipality.

The board sheets size is 2.88 SQ. meters and is available in Dark Beige colour. Eazy tech L.L.C is the best choice for Gypsum Partition Work in Dubai. Select us for yours selected choice to complete it and in given timeline and We will complete it in timeline with quality job. It will be pleasure for us to complete yours project with good quality.

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