Gypsum Partition & ceiling Work in Dubai

Installing Gypsum Partition in Dubai with Eazy Tech LLC

Do you need professional help with gypsum partition in Dubai? At Eazy Tech LLC, we are highly-dedicated to provide all types of gypsum partition works like gypsum board works, gypsum board ceiling works, gypsum false ceiling work, etc. Our team of professional contractors works really hard to go above and beyond our client’s expectations of our customers.

However, there’s a huge availability of gypsum boards and supplementary parts available on the market. For a partition to be on normal boards, it’ll take AED 140 per square meter whereas a fire rated will go above AED 140 per every square meter. If you’re thinking to install fire rated gypsum wall partition, you should ensure that these trademarks are approved by Dubai Municipality.

The size of board sheets is 2.88 SQ. meters and is available in dark beige color. We are the most preferred choice for all types of gypsum partition walls in Dubai. Count on us to get it done in the scheduled timeline with outstanding work.

Whether you need help with gypsum partition wall in Dubai or gypsum false ceiling work, we have the experience and expertise to leave our customers fully satisfied. Our expert contractors are highly skillful in gypsum partition work, installation of gypsum boards and gypsum walls. There are so many advantages of using our gypsum partition in Dubai –

Easy and Simple Installation
Competitive Pricing
Low Maintenance
Fire Resistant
Thermally Insulated
Longer Life Expectancy

Using Top-Rated Gypsum Partition Wall in Dubai

Businesses are constantly evolving and a partitioning gives you the ultimate flexibility to adapt your space to your requirements faster. We at Eazy Tech LLC offer top-rated gypsum partition wall in Dubai for the demanding home and office environment where change is constant. Our professional gypsum partition contractor works step by step that makes our customers fully satisfied. We provide through our standard of work and guarantee to deliver outstanding solutions.

When you choose our gypsum partition in Dubai, you’ll find it decent, easy to install, and robust. Our gypsum partition wall in Dubai is considered as a perfect way to add a great dimension to your residential and business space. Your gypsum partition wall installation work depends on budget range, material and time taken to get the job done.

If you’d like to learn more about our high performance and affordable gypsum partitioning solutions, feel free to contact us as soon as possible. Let us know your requirements and we’re looking forward to provide you a non-obligation quotation on gypsum partition wall in Dubai!

Gypsum Partition Work in Dubai Faqs:-

Gypsum is a panel made of calcium sulfate dehydrate , with additives, typically extruded between thick sheets of facer and backer paper.

No,gypsum is not harmful according to EU CLP regulations.

  • Prepare the last drawings before execution.
  • Prepare essential surrounding with C and U cannel for the steel pack .
  • Fix the steel posse box.
  • Finish one side drywall fixing.
  • Do the essential conduits work.
  • Finish the drywall partition work.
  • Finish installation of wiring as like as would be expected work..
  • Finish drywall groundwork for paint work.
  • Putty and first coat painting work.
  • Installation of switch and attachment and light apparatuses.
  • Final layer of paint work.

The normal expense of drywall is $0.40 to $0.65 per square foot and the material expense of drywalls is almost similar to that of using brick.

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